Webocton - Scriptly

Webocton (Freeware)

Webocton – Scriptly is a development program released by Webocton in 2003. It is a freeware code editor for both PHP and HTML programming. The program features syntax highlighting for several formats including JavaScript, XML, SQL, INI, and Smarty. The program is multi-document based, providing for more flexibility. It is likewise fully customizable with code templates and insertable snippets through shortcuts. Users may also insert other items including links, time, MD5, HMTL tables, hex color codes, and comments. The program also features a File browser tool for FTP client support. It also comes with PHP parameter lookup.

Webocton – Scriptly is a program with a code completion function. It also includes auto-completion function through code templates. The program also features a Code browser, code library, and a HTML tag inspector. It also offers a MySQL assistant, an image viewer, a meta tags generator, and an image map generator. The graphical user interface supports window splitting for added functionality. It also comes with integrated browser preview support for both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The program also offers a code checker and optimizer for various formats including CSS, PHP, and HTML. Webocton – Scriptly automatically performs vowel mutation replacements even while encoding. This provides for a more efficient coding task. The program supports several plugins and scripts created in Weaverslave, EPS, Phase 5, and ActiveScript.