Webinaria 2.1

Charlwood eMarketing (Freeware)

Webinaria is an application that provides users with the ability to record their webcam feed, desktop screen movements, and voice narrations. The recorded video can then be saved in Flash format and sent to contacts or uploaded online. With this application, users can quickly and easily start recording demos, screencasts, and desktop presentations. Users can modify the capture area from their active window, adjust the recording quality, adjust the number of frames per second, and edit the webcam properties frame by frame. The audio recordings can be edited as well. AVI files can be converted to FLV format using the included compression tools and uploaded to Webinaria’s Flash player. The uploaded videos can be hosted on the developer’s website for free, and other users can then rate and give comments for feedback.

Users can start recording with a single click, and use hotkeys for pausing and stopping the recording. Users can adjust the microphone sound settings using the Hardware tab. Webinaria also comes with a video editor that enables users to add text, sound effects, and other visual effects to selected frames on a video timeline. The video editor enables users to preview the clip that they have recorded, navigate frame by frame, and adjust the text’s font size, type, alignment, and color.