CoolwareMax (Shareware)

WebcamMax is a program that adds effects and filters to a webcam. The program works with several instant messaging programs, such as Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Aim, Windows Live Messenger, and many more. Users have thousands of options to choose from. These effects can be used during live video chats and video recording sessions. The effects can be downloaded from the developer’s website ( The effects are arranged according to category. These include scenes and backgrounds, accessories, animations, distortions, filters, frames, and many more. There are also built-in effects in the program.

Recorded videos using the program can be shared and uploaded to social networking sites and video sharing sites, such as YouTube and Facebook. One of the features of WebcamMax is Doodling. The Doodling feature allows users to draw over the video box using the drawing tools that come with the application. Another feature of the application is PinP or Picture in Picture video. With this feature, users can do a video broadcast using different sources.

The software’s interface provides all the buttons needed for recording. Under the webcam window, the buttons are capture photo, record, pause, and download. The effects can be seen at the right part of the window. Users can preview the effects before taking photos and videos.