Webcam Surveyor 2.1.5

El Software Solutions (Shareware)

Webcam Surveyor is a surveillance and screencasting application developed by El Software Solutions. Its main purpose is to broadcast live media streams through networks, captured snapshots, recorded videos, and take all motion activities.

Webcam Surveyor provides the following main functions/features:

• Motion Detection – The program’s motion detector can be used for monitoring a certain location without the user’s presence.
• Motion Capture – It also features a Motion Capture function that records only a specified frame with the motion. This allows users to save disk space and time. Various actions can also be configured (i.e. play alert sound, send email alert, upload captured images, and more) whenever motion is detected.
• Stealth Mode – Webcam Surveyor also offers a stealth mode that hides the program on the computer and allows it to be managed using hot keys. This mode allows the program to work on startup even without launching it manually.
• Capturing Functions – The program is capable of capturing videos, image sequences, motions, and multiple video files. These capturing functions allows the users to record different types of multimedia even without the user’s presence.
• Broadcasting – Users can also use the program’s broadcasting feature for broadcasting a live video stream and other audio or video via local network or the Internet.

Other features include a scheduler, email alert, digital zoom, FTP alert, and more.