Webcam Motion Detector 1.6

Zebra-Media (Shareware)

Webcam Motion Detector is an application used in video surveillance. Ideally used in a multiple-camera setup, the program functions as a webcam monitoring unit that detects motion in a video feed from video-capturing devices such as CCTV cameras. The program lets users apply a sensitivity grid onto video frames; the sensitivity levels may be adjusted. To avoid incidence of false alarms, the application also lets users to mask out areas in the camera view, so that only the unmasked areas will be monitored.

When motion is detected in a video frame, it triggers an Alarm event, which activates a user-specified command. The program can sound an alarm and send capture the motion as an image file that may be sent to the user’s email. The recorded video files are compressed to save disk space. The program has a built-in media player with advanced functions that lets users view captured videos, capture frames to make image stills, and overlay frames.  

Webcam Motion Detector has these additional functions:

• Individual monitoring and recording settings for each connected camera
• Scheduling of camera recordings, alerts, and photo captures
• Date and time stamping for monitoring and alert events
• Secure access to recorded data using an encrypted password
• SMS sending service to inform the user of alert events