TIREAL (Shareware)

Webcam Guard, developed by Tireal, is a motion detector that can be installed in ordinary Web cameras. This eliminates the need to purchase high-end security cameras with motion detection features. Using this application, owners of houses, small businesses, and apartments can have security without spending on expensive equipment. Ordinary Web cameras with basic video recording and still picture-taking pictures can be turned into security equipment with this application.

The application’s motion detector feature commands the Web camera to record whenever motion is detected. Users can set the sensitivity limit of the motion detector from zero to a hundred percent. The motion detector is set at the default one percent sensitivity. Users can save the recorded video to a local hard disk or connect the video feed to a remote FTP server, which allows them to view the captured video from any location. In addition, the motion detector can be set to send an email or SMS message to the user for regular updates.

Webcam Guard can save still images in three image formats: BMP, JPG, and GIF. Graphic markings (such as a logo) and text (such as the location of the camera) may be added to the snapshots taken using the Web camera. The application’s toolbar contains options for changing the settings for video recording (format, source, display, compression, and scale), and snapshots (format, quick save, and copy options). Users can also turn the motion detector feature on or off from the toolbar.