WebCam Control 2.51 2.52.01

Creative Technology Ltd (Freeware)

WebCam Control 2.51 is a driver that serves the purpose of providing different types of technical support to Creative brand webcam users. This is the piece of internal software that allows the user to manipulate the webcam. There are different functions that users can take advantage of controlling including zooming options, panning modes, display rotation, as well as audio and video settings. Apart from these, the same driver allows Creative webcam users to have full usage of the interface usable remote that is part of the primary software of the camera.

Webcams are pretty simple to use and most modern designs have been created to become compatible with various platforms. Even if this is the case, it is the particular WebCam Control 2.51 driver that provides webcam users with the technical support that they need to completely enjoy the device. There are instances when image quality needs to be improved and this driver leads to the provision of user controls that will fix any image quality concerns. The same applies to audio quality settings. Added features like video zooming and panning make the entire webcam experience even better and again, this same driver makes function or feature controls easy for the user to handle.