Webcam Central 2.0.46

Creative Technology Ltd (Freeware)

Webcam Central is a program developed by Creative Technology Ltd for the Dell brand.  It is made specifically for Dell laptops possessing compatible hardware, and cannot be used with other computer brands.  The application enables the user to incorporate videos in chat processes, record videos, and capture snapshots through one’s webcam.  

The application’s image capture option includes a burst rate, a self timer, date and time adding options, and specification of image file format.  The video recording feature comes with microphone settings control, a self-timer, and specification of video size. Video file format type may also be chosen, along with a video clip duration option. The .avi setting contains compression options for both video and audio files.  The program’s General Settings tab contains numerous features that can be customized by the user, to achieve the desired output.  Specific features are video control with contrast, brightness, or backlight, frequency settings with Flickr control, disable and enable face tracking, face tracking speed control, pan and tilt option, and zoom control.  The Show Today’s Captures feature also enables a user to either send recorded images and videos via e-mail, upload them to popular websites such as Photobucket, or print them immediately.  Lastly, different captured pictures can also be combined to produce a video file.