Webcam and Screen Recorder 7.0

Web Solution Mart (Shareware)

Webcam and Screen Recorder is a program used for recording activities and webcam videos on the desktop. It supports the WMV and AVI video file formats. When recording videos or capturing shots of the window, there are 3 modes available – selected area, selected window, or full screen. The program’s main user interface is a small window with the controls for record, play, and stop. The recording process can be started by pressing on the hotkey combination, which is F9 by default, but can be changed under the Settings window.

The program provides a lot of settings that can be tweaked. Videos can be recorded with or without the accompanying audio, the recorded video can be compressed, and users have the option to choose which part of the desktop to capture. For the video capture settings, users can select the video codec to use and the frame rate for the video.

Other key features of the Webcam and Screen Recorder are the following:

• Straightforward user interface that is ideal for beginners and advanced users
• Can be used to create demonstrations, presentations, and tutorials
• Supports capturing audio stream from a device connected to the computer
• Does not clog up the system resources