Web Stream Recorder 2010 2013

Sytexis Software (Shareware)

Web Stream Recorder is an application that records streaming content on the computer. It can be used for recording broadcasts, videos, and music. Content can be recorded from different websites, such as Google Video and YouTube, and in different formats, such as Shoutcast, Real Media, and Windows Media.

Users just need to open the website where the file is and wait for the application to detect the streaming content. When the program has detected the content, it will pop up a notification message on the lower right corner of the window. An alert sound will be heard as well. The download will automatically be started on the program’s main interface. Users will be able to see the URL of the file, the download progress and additional information. Web Stream Recorder allows users to create a recording schedule as well. Users can simply add a URL and set the day of the week and the specific time when to start the recording. The duration of the recording can be set as well.

Other features of the Web Stream Recorder application are the following:

• Streaming captured by the program does not lose its quality
• Files downloaded can be saved on the hard drive for viewing anytime
• Supports recording of real-time streaming