Web Replay - Automated password manager, form filler and identity protection.

Deskperience (Shareware)

Web Replay is an application that is able to generate passwords and fill up forms, among other functions. This application stores users’ login information and uses it the next time users log in to a website so users do not have to key in their usernames and passwords manually. This is also a portable utility that can be run from a removable drive so its features can be utilized from any computer. Two of the main features of this application are the following:

• Password generator and manager – this utility generates secure, unbreakable, and unique passwords that cannot be hacked, even when using dictionary and brute-force attacks, the most common methods used by hackers. This protects users from data and identity theft. The password manager keeps the user’s passwords in encrypted form in the hard drive; users only need to key in the master password, also given by the program. This way, users will have secure passwords for their accounts that they do not need to remember one by one.
• Form Filler – this application can fill out web forms automatically so users do not have to input their username, address, contact number, and other information every time they need to fill out online registration forms and authentication forms. Aside from saving time, this feature also protects users from phishing and keyloggers. This is especially useful when filling out checkout forms in online shopping.