Web Freer

Appaxy Inc. (Shareware)

Web Freer is a browser program that uses HTTPS, which is a secure connection compared to the usual HTTP. HTTPS protects user privacy by encrypting browsing sessions and opening blocked sites. The program allows the use of a number of popular search engines for ease of use. It also manages sites efficiently, as well as saves the user the time it takes to hook up to a secure server or tunnel to achieve a secure connection. It also eliminates the need to install various modules and add-ons for security. The structure of this browser program is based on the open-source Chromium engine also responsible for Google Chrome.

Installing Web Freer takes a few minutes. Once installed, the program can be opened much like any other browser so the user can begin surfing. The default settings comprise active privacy controls, which is apparent due to the “https” in the Internet address in the URL bar. When the user is on the Web with this program, data that may be sent is encrypted, and the IP address display is blocked. These ensure that the user’s Internet activity is anonymous. It also allows the unblocking of sites usually blocked by service providers. Since Chromium was used to build this program, surfing is fast, in addition to being secure and efficient.