Web Designer Premium 7.0

Xara Group Ltd. (Proprietary)

Web Designer Premium 7 is a web design application. It lets users design websites easily. This means users don't need to have working knowledge with HTML and CSS to build a website of their choice. It is a template-based solution.

Web Designer Premium 7 has a number of templates to build websites. To choose a template, simply double click one from the design gallery. What a designer needs to do is to replace the place holder images and texts.  There is also an option to start with a blank template. Changing colors on the template will reflect on the website in real time. These templates have a number of web pages that the designer can simply arrange and edit. For automatic optimization of images on the website, there is a tool for that. It also has a WYSIWYG browser.

There is a snap-to feature to align elements in the webpage. These webpage elements include text widgets to graphics. The ability to use widgets is now easier to add to a webpage being built in Web Designer. Widgets that are used for ecommerce can also be dragged and dragged on the website. Among these ecommerce widgets include Google Checkout and PayPal tools. HTML 5 videos are supported as well. Animation elements are also easier to add.