Web Acappella 4.3.42

Intuisphere (Shareware)

Web Acappella is an application for designing and creating web pages. HTML skills are not required to use the program. The application allows users to view a certain website’s appearance before it is even published. Creating, updating and publishing websites may be done easily and quickly. Website publishing to a specific Web space can be done with a single mouse click.

Web pages can be easily created as that of word processing documents. Program tools are provided to create professional looking websites. Features that can be customized by users include color markers, rulers, and layers, frames, images, photo albums, interactive menus, buttons, forms, multi-language tools, and multimedia objects, such as sounds and videos. A custom corner feature also creates original shapes. Projects can be named through the menu bar from the main window, or via the welcome dialog box. A provided host and country list enable users to modify and specify their desired publishing parameters. Web Fonts from Google may be used to personalize websites. Photo albums from Flickr may also be managed using the program. Only eight web pages and two languages are allowed in creating each website. 256 MB of RAM is also required to use the application. The application was formerly called Cariboost.