Weatherzone Tracker

Weatherzone (Freeware)

Weatherzone Tracker is a weather desktop utility developed and distributed by Wetherzone. It displays live local weather conditions as well as 7-day forecasts for more than 500 Australian locations. It also includes custom alerts, live warnings, satellite, and radar. Live alerts and warnings come from the Bureau of Meteorology and are accurately displayed in the desktop gadget. Creating custom weather/temperature alerts whenever wind, temperature, or rain changes occur is possible as well.  

When launched, the program sits at the desktop acting as a desktop gadget. A system tray icon is also available, which displays the current temperature. The program’s behavior and appearance can be also configured via the Options Panel, which can be accessed by right-clicking the system tray icon. Under the Options Panel, users can change the position of the Windows desktop gadgets. It can be set to position normally, keeping it always on top, or keeping it always on the bottom. The frequency of the update can also be set. It can be set every 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or 60 minutes. Pausing the updating process is also possible. Aside from this, the program also features customization settings for the desktop gadget’s appearance. Users can set the color of the interface. Other available options include interface transparency, system tray text color/background color, display of weather warnings and minimum temperature, among others.

Weatherzone has already discontinued development and support for the Weatherzone Tracker.