Weather Clock 4.4

Respect Soft (Shareware)

Respect Soft’s Weather Clock is a clock utility released in 2005. It enables users to check the time, date, temperature, and weather in just one application.  Weather Clock features a digital display clock, which also shows the current date. Besides that, the application features the current temperature as well as the prevailing weather at the moment.  The Weather Clock sits on the system tray menu. However, users need not display all the information that the program offers. Weather Clock users can choose whether to show the date, the time, the weather, or the temperature. Users may choose to show one, or some, and of course, all of them. When the calendar option is hidden, users may click on the system tray icon to show the Weather Clock calendar. The same applies to the Weather option which features colorful icons that correspond to the weather condition specified by the program.

With Weather Clock, users may set alarms or notification for particular events. Users may choose to be notified via a pop-up message or even an audible alarm which may be set to play a default audio file or even the user’s favorite song or music. Notifications may also be set to simultaneously launch programs, folders, or files. It may also be set to terminate processes like shutdown or program close. This program also features a snooze function as well as atomic clock synchronizations.