WDM Capture

Microsoft (Freeware)

WDM Capture is a kernel mode infrastructure that can be used when capturing audio and video in Windows. Introduced with Windows 98, the WDM Video Capture continued to develop with the following OS releases. It has become an ideal model for developing video capture drivers. Video capture through WDM offers a number of benefits. For one thing, the software drivers are portable so the user can take it with him anywhere and install it in other computers. This application also features a complete programmatic control of capture aspects, including format enumeration, video routing through crossbars, TV Tuner control, device control, and video quality.

This software can capture with a full frame rate when in full screen. Users can also capture individual fields and at any frame rate they prefer. This feature is useful for video for Windows API capture applications. Furthermore, the program has DirectShow capture applications with lots of video capture formats. WDM Video Capture allows users to use TV Tuner as the source and then change the channels if they desire. It supports AM and FM radio and this can be done by setting the TV Tuber to Radio mode.

When the computer is turned off, the software’s drive stores the user’s preferred settings. Gamma correction can be turned on to control the video’s saturation, hue, sharpness, and brightness.