WD FAT32 Formatter 2.0

Western Digital (Freeware)

The WD FAT32 Formatter was created and released by Western Digital in 2008. This is a program that allows its users to restore WD drives to their original factory FAT32 partition programming and settings. This particular program is compatible with computers that use Windows operating systems. It can be used on different hard drive volumes such as the following:

• WD 10000
• WD 7500
• WD 4000
• WD 3200
• WD 2500

This program starts by creating a list of available WD drives in a computer. After the list is generated, it works by restoring disk icon files first. It also gives program users the opportunity to specify volume labels. With this particular program, restoring hard drives to their original forms is easier for those without advanced computer expertise.

Aside from the devices that were previously mentioned, this application can also be used on SCSI, SATA, and IDE hard drives. It runs on a semi-automatic launching platform and has a simple interface. At the point that it detects a recognizable system, it immediately prompts the user and displays customizable process options. The user can then choose which drives to read or scan and which elements to restore or maintain.