Westwood Studios (Freeware)

Wchat is a communications tool developed by Westwood Studios. It is an instant or chat messaging application. The first versions were based on a particular code called chatC; later versions have been written in C language. This has improved to become a more fully functional chat platform. It is now considered a telnet-based chat server.

This tool requires Internet connectivity. Once connected, users can simply talk and chat with their friends. The application comes with a search feature which allows users to look for their friends, family, acquaintances, and other contacts online. Users can type in their contacts’ names or email addresses. When found, the contacts may be added to the users’ Wchat list. Users will also be able to see who among the chatters on their list is online and who is not.

Aside from exchanging of messages, users can customize their contact list or address book. This permits them to add emails, names, and other contact information. They can also import contacts from their email accounts to the messenger or vice versa.

Wchat consumes minimal memory or CPU resources. However, it can also run as a modular high level code base. It technically means the low level functions are written in different libraries. This is also the reason why it is not a type of web chat, but a chat server based on telnet.