WBFS to ISO 1.0 (Freeware)

WBFS to ISO is an application which allows users to convert WBFS (Wii Backup File System) files into Wii game ISO (International Standards Organization) format. This can be used by Wii users as WBFS files cannot be used on a normal personal computer operating system (OS) environment. Conversion can be done in either Wii game ISO or ISO 9660. Wii game ISO is like an exact replica of the original disk while the ISO 9660 is a CD/DVD image file. The difference is that the Wii game ISO is compatible with the Wii devise while ISO 9660 only works with non-Wii devices like the personal computer.

WBFS to ISO has a user-friendly interface. The steps in conversion consist of initial browsing for the WBFS file which needs to be converted and then selection of the destination folder where the output needs to be saved. It is important that free hard disk space and duplicates are checked beforehand because conversion will not be completed if there is no available space for the output file and any duplicate ISO files will automatically be overwritten. Once all settings are made, the user can click on the “Convert” button and view the progress of the conversion on the ‘Status” portion. The software also provides a display to signal when the conversion is completed.