WBFS Manager

AlexDP (Open Source)

WBFS Manager is an application that provides users with an interface that would allow them to work with WBFS-formatted hard disk drives. WBFS stands for Wii Backup File System, which makes it possible to launch a Wii game from an external device, reducing its disc size at the same time. Windows cannot perform this operation on its own and needs a third-party application for transferring a disc image to the backup file system drive. This application does that task by bundling all the files necessary to transfer the ISO image to a USB drive. These files include the tools required for extracting the ISO files, formatting to WBFS, acquire and export the list of backups already created, and adding backup files.

The program interface of WBFS Manager is simple and user friendly. The easy-to-see menus contain the program’s features and command buttons. To use the program, users have plug in the removable drive where the Wii game is located into the computer. Then, users have to launch the manager and select the drive letter that will be assigned to the device. The program will prompt users to start the formatting operation; after this, users will be able to load the USB’s contents. Users can then locate and copy the ISO files or drag and drop these to add them to the specified drive. This operation enables users to launch Wii games from the removable USB device.