Way to Go! Bowling

EA Pogo (Shareware)

Way to Go! Bowling is a bowling simulation game developed by EA Pogo. It features a 3D immersive environment that is further enhanced by sound effects. There are several different locations for players to choose from and each of them contains subtle details that match the theme. Some of the venues featured in the game include a retro bowling alley inspired by the 1950s and a Disco-themed alley that comes with multicolored lanes. During a game, players can gain power-ups like Big Ball, Extra Ball, which gives the player an extra throw to convert a spare into a strike. Another power-up is the Reset Pins, which resets the opponent’s pins by bringing down the gate so that they get a zero for that particular throw.

Way to Go! Bowling has two game modes – Challenge and Practice – which the player can enjoy a story while playing, and sharpen his/her skills, respectively. The game also enables the player to upgrade the bowling ball so that is faster or stronger. To unlock a special characteristic, the player must defeat several opponents at least 25 times. To hit the pins, the player must move the mouse from left to right until a good starting point is found. Then the player must click and drag the mouse toward the direction of the pins. Red indicates a strong throw and yellow indicates a weak throw.