Way of the Warrior

Naughty Dog (Proprietary)

Way of the Warrior is a fighting video game developed by the company, Naughty Dog and published by Universal Interactive Studios. The object of the game is to emerge victorious in all of the fights against various characters in the game. A player will have to battle it out with other fighters, his/her own “shadow”, and two bosses to win the game. Each of these characters has a specific set of fighting moves, combo attacks, and special tactics that can finish off an opponent in an extremely violent manner.

The game’s storyline takes place in the Himalayan mountains where both good and evil warriors meet together to participate in a great tournament. Whoever wins the tournament will have his/her history and fighting style immortalized in the “Book of Warriors”. Since there is one page left in the book, this is the final tournament, which will be held to determine whether good or evil wins and takes over the world for all eternity. The player gets to choose his character from available fighters. Each participant has a unique reason for attending the tournament, so the player must choose wisely as this fighter will be the one facing opponents until the final round. Apart from elaborate backgrounds and detailed cutscenes, Way of the Warrior also features a soundtrack that includes music from the band, White Zombie.