WavePad 6.33

NCH Software (Shareware)

WavePad is an audio editing application for Windows and Mac. The program mainly works as a WAV and MP3 editor, but it also supports other audio file formats like OGG, FLAC, WMA, GSM, VOC, and many more. With the program, users can record using a microphone or other audio input devices. It can also be used for digitizing music from cassette tapes or vinyl records. There are basic sound editing functions included in the software, such as cut, paste, delete, insert, auto-trim, and many more. There are also audio effects like echo, reverse, amplify, and normalize just to name a few.

The WavePad application has a batch processing feature that allows users to work on several audio files at once. Effects can be applied to multiple audio files and they can be converted to other file formats, too. Audio files from cassette tapes and old vinyl records can be fixed with built-in audio restoration tools. These tools include noise reduction and click-pop removal for eliminating the cracks, pops, and hisses that may be present on audio from vinyl records.

This program can be used for creating ringtones, eliminating vocals from a musical track, recording voiceovers, and many more. Users can also save files and transfer them to different portable devices, such as mp3 players, PSPs, iPhones, and many more.