Wave@MP3 2.0

River Past Corporation (Freeware)

Wave@MP3 is an application primarily used for converting WAV files into MP3 files. It can also be used to convert MP3 files to WAV. To use the program, the user first loads the file into the interface. This can be done by clicking the "browse" button. After that, the user specifies the folder where the output file will be saved. The program automatically designates WAV files to be converted into MP3, and MP3 files for conversion to AVI. There is also the option of notifying the user whether a similar file already exists in the destination folder. After specifying the output folder, the user can proceed with the conversion process. This is made possible with the "convert" button. The program displays the estimated time it will take for the file to be converted. When finished, the user can click the "play" button in the interface to play the converted file.

The program then automatically opens the computer's default music player to start playing the file. The file can also be transferred and played on mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad. In the program's user interface, there are utilities in the upper portion of the window. One of them is a "help" menu, which provides the user with a guide on how to use the software.