WaveMax Sound Editor 5.0.1

NITBits Inc (Shareware)

WaveMax Sound Editor is a program that allows users to master and edit audio files easily. It consists of all the tools and features that is used for coming up with a professional recording. The application was developed with novice computer users in mind, making it easy to operate for just about anyone. Some of the tools included in the application are for equalizing, dynamic processing, amplification, time stretching, and noise reduction.

The program’s main interface is similar to Windows Explorer. The panel on the left side of the window is where users can access their audio files and do editing tasks. Controls for the player are found at the bottom part of the main window. When an audio file is imported to the program, it is displayed on the main interface in waveform view. Buttons are also located at the upper portion of the window. More options can be accessed from the Effect menu at the top part of the window.

Here are the other features of the WaveMax Sound Editor application:

• Support for batch processing that enables users to process up to 32,000 files
• Comes with more than 20 built-in effects for mixing audio files
• Does not clog up system resources