Steinberg Media Technologies (Proprietary)

WaveLab is a digital audio editing program for professionals. The program offers stereo and multi-track editing, as well as destructive and non-destructive editors for different kinds of projects. It supports a variety of file formats including WMA Pro, MPEG formats, Windows Media, etc. The software can also convert audio files to different file formats. Furthermore, the program offers some restoration tools, such as a DeNoiser, DeBuzzer, and DeClicker to eliminate unwanted sounds that can ruin an audio track.

WaveLab has a CD Mastering feature that allows editors to set the levels of sound (equalization, spatial integration, etc.) before writing the audio to a disc. It has an intuitive track assembly and users can create a disc image file or burn the audio files directly to a CD.

The application consists of four different work spaces for different types of audio projects. These are Audio File, Audio Montage, Batch Processor, and Podcast. Each of these work spaces is designed to provide editors the tools for each task. The work spaces are customizable, too. The application has several function tabs that can be positioned anywhere within the window.

Other features of the WaveLab application include the following:
• Support for plug-ins
• External effect hardware integration
• Advanced burning engine
• Recording through plug-ins
• Advanced crossfades