WaveDeploy by Ixia

Ixia, Inc. (Proprietary)

WaveDeploy by Ixia is a WLAN assessment program developed by Ixia, Inc. The program enables WLAN providers to view and assess the WLAN service in the point of view of the users or the clients. It functions as a single pass site surveyor but coupled with simultaneous performance measurement and multi-client site readiness. The program performs automatic reports generation of compliance surveys. It also generates application reports for a variety of applications including data, email, web, voice, and video. It also provides the WLAN provider with in-depth drill down capabilities to show which program clients have below average performance.

WaveDeploy by Ixia comes in three versions: Basic, Pro, and Expert. However, Basic version is no longer supported. WaveDeploy Pro has the abovementioned features. It also allows users to test up to 10 mobile devices simultaneously.  This program is ideal for making performance assessments of mobile client devices.  The WaveDeploy Expert version features a Performance Analyzer and a Traffic Generator. These capabilities enable the users to create an environment for large scale networks on which to execute “what if” tests. The results of the tests will determine the deployments and future upgrades that the WLAN provider will have to provide.  This program is useful for making complex network ecosystem assessments.  Through this, the user can isolate the client issues from the network issues. The program supports as many as 266 simultaneous assessment clients.