Wave Sound Decorator 1.1.0

Yamaha (Shareware)

Wave Sound Decorator is a program that converts Microsoft’s Wave (.wav) and Apple’s AIFF format (.aif) into .mmf or SMAF files. The application has audio editing uses that are helpful in generating the SMAF files. The program allows trims, fades and normalization functions. It can output four varieties of MFF format. The editing (mono or stereo) is done by loading a file with the Open command (or through dragging and dropping into the window). The program reads the sampling frequency (4000 Hz – 48000 Hz), the bit count (8 or 16 bits), the number of channels, and the data.

The audio editing menu of Wave Sound Decorator uses standard editing items. Normalize increases maximum probable volume with no distortion.  This is used for audio data that has a low SMAF volume, and is used for normalizing the waveform. Trimming captures a part of the audio data to save or delete. Fade-in is used to gradually increase the audio volume from start for a fade-in effect (Fade-out is gradually decreasing the volume in the selected audio segment). The user can check immediately the finished trim and edit by playing the newly edited segment. The tool shows the new volume of the converted data (.mmf) in SMAF and is displayed by a red circle.