Wave MP3 Editor 11.5

Code-it Software, Inc. (Freeware)

The Wave MP3 Editor developed by Code-it Software, as its name suggests, has the ability to edit audio files in wave form. In addition to editing MP3 audio, it also has support for WAV, CDA, and OGG files. Both edited and unedited files may be converted into the other supported audio formats. The audio files may be from the user’s own media library of downloaded from the Internet. Users can also use this application to record music and audio files using a microphone or other input device and edit these as preferred. Furthermore, this application can also be utilized as a manager for music files.

This application has a simple and clear interface that can guide users in the program’s features and audio editing functions. Wave MP3 Editor’s notable features include the following:

• What-U-Hear Recorder – this allows users to record any sound from the computer’s speakers as an editable MP3 file
• Audio effects – this program comes with numerous sound effects and filters that can be added to audio files
• CD ripper and burner – users can rip music from audio CDs and create new mixed CDs
• Wave form editing window – this feature enables users to quickly find and identify the part that need editing
• Basic audio editing tools – these tools allow users to split and merge tracks, speed up tempo, loop sounds, and fade music, among other audio editing tasks