Wave Editor

Abyss Media Company (Freeware)

Abyss Media’s Wave Editor is an audio-editor program released in March 2012.  It allows users to edit audio files through simple edit commands like copy, cut, paste, and delete WAV recordings. It features audio block selection during playback allowing for easier editing. This program also utilizes an ActiveX engine.

Abyss Media’s Wave Editor user interface features a simple window display with the Menu bar at the top showing the Menu options: File, View, Edit, Operations, and Help. Function toolbar sits below the menu bar showing familiar icons for Open, Save, Cut, Copy, and Paste, among others. The function toolbar also shows the audio-based commands including Fade in, Fade out, and Split, among others. The audio timeline occupies most of the window showing the WAV audio recordings which can be selected by clicking audio blocks that are set automatically. Users can apply custom settings to specific sound blocks without affecting the whole audio recording. Selection window sits at the lower left portion of the window showing the Beginning and Ending points of a current selection. Users can specify a selection by clicking the Pick button beside Begin or End. This program also allows users to see their current cursor location down to the millisecond. Users may also customize the volume level of a selected audio block by adjusting the volume toggle. Wave Editor also features a status bar which shows the Format, Cursor position, Maximum amplitude, and duration of a specific selection.