Wave Corrector De-Click 1.4

Ganymede Test & Measurement (Proprietary)

Wave Corrector is a program used to remove noise from analog recordings and save these as digital files. It is able to remove the repeated clicking and hissing sounds, as well as other noise from vinyl records. The clicking eliminator is able to provide an accurate audio restoration of the original by reconstructing the original audio wave based on the measurements of the frequency content.

After de-clicking, the application will restore the audio to come up with clear, quality output. It also has functions for manual recording and timer-based recording. The time recording function enables users to select when the application should make the recording, so that the program will run even if the computer is not attended by the user.

The program interface has a well-organized layout comprising an oscilloscope display, a control bar for the oscilloscope, an overview window displaying the histogram, a correction list window, and a status bar.

Wave Corrector has a built-in track editor that is able to divide a recording into numbered tracks automatically. Users can edit track boundaries as preferred. This application also comes with a fade-in and fade-out feature that can automatically fade the sound at track boundaries. Users can also apply and adjust the fade manually. The corrected files can be saved to a digital library or burned to CD.