Wave 2 Mp3 1.1 1.1

NHGames (Freeware)

Wave 2 Mp3 is an application that allows users to convert audio files to popular formats. These converted files can then be transferred to different devices, such as mobile phones, game consoles, or tablets. The program can also be used as a management tool, as it allows users to edit audio tags and correct file information, such as the title of the song, artist, album, genre, and many others.

The program has a simple user interface that can be used by both novice and advanced computer users. Importing files to the program can be done by clicking on the “Select” button at the top portion of the screen. Users can also set the output file folder for the converted audio file. The program then displays a summary of the files to be converted. On the left portion of the window, users can tick checkboxes for the audio file. Some of these checkboxes are for fast mode, fix quality, force byte swap, and voice mode, among others. The bit rate and VBR Rate for the song can be chosen as well. When changing the tags for an audio file, users just have to click the “Edit Tags” button, which is located at the right side of the window. When all the settings have been configured, users can click on the “Encode” button to start the process of conversion.