WAV to AC3 Encoder

Wieslaw Soltes (Freeware)

WAV to AC3 Encoder is an audio encoder program developed by Wieslaw Soltes and released on January 2007. The program converts WAV audio files into AC3 file format. This is made possible by compressing the audio streams using ATSC A/52 spec. The program offers multi-threaded encoding, multi-channel file input, and multiple-mono file input. The program also features an advanced MUX wizard.

WAV to AC3 Encoder has a simple grey user interface. The menu bar provides options for File, Options, Language, and Help menus. The window is divided into three panels. The top portion of the interface shows the file settings, and the Encoding Options window on the right. The bottom part of the window shows the files to be converted. Adding files is easy by drag and drop function or using the browser button at the bottom. Users may also set the output path using the input button below the browser button.  Other configurable parameters include the sample format, channels, sample rate, engine, SIMD, and bitrate. Encoding options include fast bit allocation, start of stream padding, bandwidth, minimum and maximum bandwidths, stereo rematrixing, and block switching. Files are shown with their corresponding file paths and file sizes. Users can also save preset settings with their favorite parameter configurations. Users may add and remove presets, or reset the default preset configuration.