Watery Desktop 3D - Wallpaper

PUSH Entertainment (Shareware)

Watery Desktop 3D - Wallpaper is a desktop wallpaper program developed by PUSH Entertainment and released on January 2013. This program adds water animation effects to the desktop wallpaper. Water animation effects include waves, rain drops, and water ripples, among others. The water effects are overlaid over the desktop background currently set on the system. This program controls the effects, but the background image is still up to the user.

Watery Desktop 3D – Wallpaper offers some settings for users to configure it according to their preferences. The program can be set to launch on startup. There are six water effect presets—Soft Rain, Hard Rain, Glide Waves, Wavy Desktop, Wavy Desktop Wide, and Storm. Users can choose only one of the six presets or choose to apply them all in random. When Rain is selected, users may specify the number of raindrops per second. Water can be set to either Soft or Hard water. Waves Quality may be set from high, or medium to low. The same quality levels apply with Render Quality. When several presets are selected and the Randomize Presets option is enabled, users can set the presets to change every few seconds or even minutes. The settings dialog box also provides buttons to access the developer’s homepage, enables users to register, or make a suggestion regarding the program.