Watermark Express 1.0

PixelApp (Shareware)

Watermark Express is an application used for adding watermarks on the user's pictures and images. Watermarks are texts, symbols, or prints that are embedded on an image. The watermark acts as a label, informing viewers who owns the rights to an image. Through this application, the user can do a couple of other actions aside from adding text and symbols to an image. First, the user can check the image's EXIF data. The EXIF information specifies what camera or application was used to make the image. The EXIF data can be added as watermark as well. Second, the user can add logos of different sizes on the picture itself.

Watermark Express supports batch processing. This means multiple pictures can be supplied with a watermark in one single labeling. Through this function, the user does not need to repeat the process of putting a single copyright logo on each and every picture, especially if the watermark print is the same.
This application can also apply multilayered watermarks made up of text and image layers on the image. The program also has some basic photo editing features that the user can use to add shadows, rotate an image, and even flip it to the reverse side.