Mozilla Corporation (Freeware)

Waterfox is a web browser from Mozilla Corporation. It is the counterpart of Firefox for 64-bit systems. The source code of Firefox was changed in order to create a web browser specifically for 64-bit systems. The interface of the web browser is much like Firefox. The tools and functions are similar, too. Users who previously used Firefox can easily migrate all their data and settings to Waterfox. Upon launching the program, all the data from Firefox (bookmarks, settings, saved usernames and passwords, etc.) will be available in Waterfox.

The web browser has a tabbed interface, which allows users to view multiple websites in just one window. Users can switch between websites by clicking on the appropriate tab located just beneath the address bar. Saved bookmarks can also be displayed on the browser for easy access. Beside the address bar is the search bar where users can type in search terms and click on the magnifying glass icon. The results will be displayed on the web browser window.

The Options menu shows all the settings for the components of the web browser. In the Options window, there are eight tabs where users can access the settings for the general web browser tasks, tabs, content, applications, privacy, security, and syncing. There is also a tab for advanced options.