Trapdoor Inc. (Shareware)

WARP is an action-puzzle video game developed by Trapdoor, Inc. and published by EA Partners. It was initially released on March 13, 2012 for Windows. In this game, the player takes the role of Zero. The game’s background story revolves around Zero, the protagonist, as he undergoes a surgery performed by two scientists in order to extract the disk-shaped object from Zero’s body. This disk is what allows Zero to teleport. After retrieving the disk, Zero’s current goal is to help other aliens while trying to escape from the facility.

The gameplay involves both stealth and puzzle solving. Zero’s first power is teleportation within short distances, called the titular Warp. When performing a Warp inside an object or even a person, Zero can make that object explode by moving around that object. This ability is called Frag. Zero’s enemies are turrets, scientists, and guards. Since Zero’s goal is to escape, the player must ensure that no one can see him. As such, sound and sight is crucial to the game. Aside from the Warp ability, Zero can also take on another dead alien’s ability such as hologram, swap, and launch. The game features two modes – Story Mode and Challenge Mode. The Story Mode resembles a campaign mode while in the Challenge Mode, the player must complete certain objectives.