Infinite Interactive Pty. Ltd. (Proprietary)

Warlords4 is the latest installment from Infinite Interactive Pty. Ltd. This version of a well-known role-playing strategic series has a number of innovations, including new troops and races. There is also a new tactical Speed Combat System. The game can be played in coop mode or in single mode.

Warlords4’s features include:

• Wider options for city building
• New 3D terrain with dozens of options as well as animated effects
• Customized maps using built in editor
• Multiplayer function accommodates eight players

The gameplay is centered on the heroes who seek to restore peace and order with magic and swordplay in the fictional territory of Etheria. Lord Bane and the Undead Legions spread terror and wicked deeds, and the long-standing battle between Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves continue without end. In the meantime, the Volturnans and the Sirians do their part in wreaking havoc onto the land.

Warlords4 presents the player with the challenge of developing heroes’ strengths from one battle to the next. Heroes are given many opportunities to attain new skills, as well as treasures, weapons, and magical items. This new component of the Warlords franchise has all the components that fans expect from this award-winning game. Now, its many exciting features make this critically acclaimed turn-based game even more interesting.