Warkanoid II Total

KraiSoft (Shareware)

Warkanoid II Total is a challenging computer game with visually impressive and addicting graphics. This game stands out from other arcade-style games for its theme music, sound effects, and game play. This is a highly imaginative game involving breaking blocks. Warkanoid II Total is a utility created by KraiSoft and the latest version already has the bugs fixed.

The main objective of the player of Warkanoid II Total is the destruction of all the bricks on the screen with the use of a bouncing ball. One of the highlights is the WorldWide Hall of Fame, which is an Internet-related function. The paddle can be controlled using a joystick, keyboard or mouse. The controls are smooth and very convenient to use. The game can be saved and reloaded when the player is ready to play again.

Warkanoid II Total is a block-breaking extravaganza wherein players who make good use of the bouncing ball could easily proceed to the next level. There are extra weapons as well, including power ups. These handmade levels are all technogenic in terms of theme, which are unique from each other. Warkanoid II Total features have seven weapon upgrades, 40 power-ups, and one special weapon. Enemy creatures also need to be neutralized to get to the higher levels. All the enemies that the player has to face each have its own distinguishing behavior.