Crytek GmbH (Freeware)

Warface is a free and award winning online game developed by Crytek which highlights shooting efficacy from its player. Set in the year 2023, countries have disintegrated and Blackwood, a vicious military force has risen to power. Blackwood has taken over the world’s resources rendering them into forsaken battlefields and wastelands. The Warforce soldiers are an elite team tasked to fight and desist from Blackwood’s evil reach.  Soldiers in the game are situated and sent to violent warzones in the planet and must outgun and kill their encountered enemies. Since guns are the main weapons, a player must be able to shoot down an enemy effectively and skillfully throughout the numerous missions they are sent into.

The game can be played singly or in a group. A player has the option to pick from four types of soldiers – the Engineer, Medic, Sniper, or Rifleman and can interchange them at any time for a more varied fighting experience in the battlefield. Each weapon in the game can also be customized to fit a player’s distinct playing style. In multiplayer mode, gaming skill and teamwork are highly imperative and equally rewarded.  Teamwork and special co-op moves are needed to sustain the group’s strength, but players must also be equipped with solo fighting techniques in cases that they are isolated from their team.