Warcraft III

Blizzard Entertainment (Shareware)

Warcraft III or WC3 is the third title in the Warcraft series of games. The game takes place in the Warcraft Universe, a land that has mountains, rivers, and cliffs. Players must build settlements in order to get the three main resources, which are food, gold, and lumber. These resources can be used to train units in order to battle other players and explore the map. Apart from defeating other players, there are also in-game enemies in the form of creeps.

One of the features of the game is the night and day cycle. Playing at night and during the day has its advantages and disadvantages. Warcraft III has four races – Night Elves, Undead, Human, and Orcs. The goal of the game is for players to abolish the enemies’ buildings. After beating other units, the chosen hero will level up and learn more spells. They will also be able to carry more items and have access to special items.

Other features of the game include:
In-game cinematics
Multiplayer mode of up to seven friends on
Orchestral soundtrack

Warcraft III also comes with a World Editor that enables users to create their custom 3D maps, spells, units, event triggers, and more.