Edgar M Vigdal (Shareware)

WarBlade is a video game developed by Edgar M. Vigdal and was released in September 2004. This video game is a remake of the classic arcade game, Galaga. WarBlade features a 2D space shooting action genre where users take control of a space craft in a mission to defend the Earth from an army of invading aliens. This video game features graphics and sound effects similar to its predecessor and to other arcade games of the same genre. Players take control of a small space ship in the beginning levels and may get the chance to change their space ship every four levels. Players may also customize their space ship by buying more powerful weapons and armor. Money can be acquired by defeating enemies; the more enemies that the players destroy, the higher the prize acquired during the end of each level. WarBlade features an infinite number of levels. Though the original design includes only 100 levels, the game repeats once the player defeats the final boss but will introduce a higher difficulty level. This video game includes a boss every 25 levels; this means that players will encounter bosses in levels 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, so on.

WarBlade features simple controls that include movement controls for steering the ship, and buttons for firing the ship’s weapons. Players must destroy their enemies while avoiding enemy fire in order to survive each level. As the level progresses, the game difficulty increases. On the other hand, WarBlade allows players to improve their space ship’s weapons by various weapons upgrades. Players may increase their weapons ammunition by firing a large volume of projectiles, or fire projectiles in a wide arc in order to hit a large number of enemies. Players are also provided with specialized weapons that can destroy a large number of enemies in an area.