War World Tactical Combat

Third Wave Games (Proprietary)

War World: Tactical Combat is a mech action game developed by the company, Third Wave Games. In this game, players control armored mechanoids and go into battle with one another in the hopes of conquering the War World rankings. This game features various modes such as single player, multiplayer, and 3D arcade, all of which allow players to upload their scores to the game’s website for other players to see. Players also have the opportunity to engage in combat in various detailed outdoor locations. Players can choose among 50 varieties of weapons that include laser cannons, close-range guns, and long-range missiles among many others. The game offers a lot of leeway for players to customize their combat strategies.

For players who prefer the single-player mode, War World: Tactical Combat offers more than 100 levels of action. Winning more battles means earning more money, which can be spent on improving the player’s robot. The essential components of a mechanized warrior are the right and left hands, a backpack with various slots, and the main system. Each of these parts can be given a maximum of nine upgrades. There are different battle arenas features in the games as well – some of these environments feature such elements as barrels, rocks, and deserted buildings.