War Thunder World of Planes 1.35

Gaijin Entertainment (Shareware)

War Thunder World of Planes is an MMO, or massively multiplayer online combat game. It focuses on flight or aviation, and is set during the period preceding the Second World War up to the time of the Korean War. In addition to flight combat, the game also offers players combat on land as well as sea, so players will also get to control armored vehicles and battle ships. The game provides players with hundreds of aircraft models to choose from, each with weaponry that may be upgraded.

The game has three modes: Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator Battles. In arcade, two teams play against each other in either Ground Strike or Domination mode. The objective of Ground Strike is to destroy all of the enemy ground units, while in Domination, teams must seize enemy airfields. In the realistic battle mode, players are chosen to represent a nation. Recreating historical scenarios becomes a possibility. This mode also makes use of accurate physics, including g-forces and velocity effects. In simulator mode, players get access to the Full Real setting, in which a joystick is required to reflect real cockpit flight control.

Players improve their characters’ skills with each mission they undertake in War Thunder World of Planes. The game provides players with a multiple settings option that allows users of all skill levels to specify the difficulty level suited to their abilities.