Walmart MP3 Music Downloads (Shareware)

Walmart MP3 Music Downloads is a program that allows for the downloading of small-sized music files that play with high quality sound. The files are smaller in size than standard MP3 music files. This characteristic makes it easier to transfer the downloaded music files from the computer to a portable mobile device that stores and plays digital music files.

Walmart MP3 Music Downloads also accommodates WMA format (those downloaded before February 2008) which play in Windows systems and other systems that are compatible to WMA music files. As such, Walmart MP3 Music Downloads can be played on Sony, Zune, Sony, SanDisk, and Creative.

All the Walmart MP3 Music Downloads music files are under the protection of the DRM or Digital Rights Management (Media Usage Rights). The rights to play the music files are included in the initial download of the music file. These license files are stored in the computer and usually hidden. The music files downloaded automatically play once the program finds the license for as long as it is still intact.

Walmart MP3 Music Downloads may be availed from It features a wide selection of musical genres and a collection of hundreds of thousands of digital songs. The method of downloading files is straightforward and similar to the online shopping experience that Walmart online shoppers have gotten used to.