Walls of Jericho

RealArcade (Proprietary)

Walls of Jericho is an action puzzle game is developed by Full Armor Studios and released by RealArcade on August 2003. Walls of Jericho is part of the color-matching game genre. There are ordinary color blocks and special blocks. Match 3 color blocks of the same color and it is removed from the game board. Matching special blocks can destroy rows or columns of ordinary blocks or end the game by wall demolition.

Walls of Jericho gameplay involve clicking or dragging blocks to move from one position to another. Swapping blocks require that they be adjacent to each other or touching one side of the block. Blocks may only be moved or swapped when doing so will match three or more of the same color in a row. Matched color blocks crumble like walls, which effectively removes them from the board. Power blocks are concealed as red blocks. When matched together, ordinary blocks surrounding them will crumble. To demolish the wall in Walls of Jericho, player may activate the ARK blocks. Matching 3 ARK blocks will demolish the whole wall.

Walls of Jericho may be played online. However, to enable the unlimited play option, players have to avail of the full version. There are also useful tips available in game to assist players during play.