Takuya Matsuyama (Freeware)

Walknote is a program that sorts through and analyzes the songs in the user’s music library to come up with recommendations for new albums and artists the user may enjoy. Users may then listen to the recommended music and download them if they wish. The recommended music tracks are streamed from the iTunes store, SoundCloud, Exfm, and Amazon. This program has the following features:

• Offline play – users can download songs for playback offline
• Background playback – enables users to use other programs while listening to the music in the background like a radio
• Artist photos – provides access to album information and photos of music artists
• New release check – this program automatically searches for new tracks or albums by artists in the user’s music library
• Personal music graffiti – this feature gives a visual representation of the user’s music choices

With this program, users will be able to discover new artists that have a musical style similar to their favorites. Users will also be informed when their favorite singers or bands come up with a new track. Walknote also lets users manually input artists into the program, and it will automatically search for similar artists who belong to the same music genre, such as hip hop, rock, or pop. This program spotlights three artists on the main window and lists down 30 recommended mixes that change each time the user launches the program.