Wakoopa Tracker

Wakoopa (Freeware)

Wakoopa Tracker is a program used for keeping track of the web applications that are utilized the most. The application runs in the background while the user does other computer activities. It monitors that programs that are used at 15-minute intervals. It works just like a social network where users can view other programs that are used by their contacts and friends. Users must create their own Wakoopa account in order to start using this application. This application is easy to use even for those who are not computer savvy.

The program sits on the system tray when it is in background mode. The icon can be clicked in order to view the user’s profile, set the alerts, open the settings window, and pause the tracking. There is also a feature for suggesting web applications that may be interesting to the user based on the programs that are already running in the system. Wakoopa Tracker keeps the user updated on the all the applications the contacts are using. Based on the information gathered by the program, it then gives the user “smart recommendations”. Some of the suggestions that it provides are audio programs, games, video players, office applications, and even instant messengers.