VZAccess Manager 7.7.1

Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Proprietary)

VZAccess Manager is software developed and released by Smith Micro Software, which allows users to manage all their connections using one control panel. VZAccess Manager is compatible with both Wi-Fi network and Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN) connections. VZAccess Manager may also be used to launch dial-up connections. Users may keep track of their connections as to duration, bytes sent, and bytes received. Users may also use VZAccess Manager to launch the default internet browser or an email client. This program also allows users to launch applications and even send text messages when using a SMS-capable device.

When using a WWAN connection, VZAccess Manager allows users to create a Quick 2 Net. This program can also create a NationalAccess connection when using PC card or a wireless phone and cable. VZAccess Manager can also create a NationalAccess –Mobile Broadband connection. VZAccess Manager also features a copy utility, which allows users to create wireless copies of connections using dial-up networking. It also allows users to check the batter level as well as signal strength of most wireless phones.

When using a Wi-Fi adapter, VZAccess Manager allows users to see Wi-Fi connections as well as their corresponding signal strengths inside Wi-Fi hotspots. VZAccess Manager also allows users to connect to work or home Wi-Fi networks. Users may use portable Wi-Fi devices or built-in Wi-Fi or PC cards.